the flat.

Oh, the flat. It’s a big flat. Big. Pictures to come when I have some without the current tenant’s belongings in them. The pics I have now have her stuff in the space and, I think I said elsewhere, using them in a public blog just seemed…wrong.

Here’s a fast sketch that J did for me of the basic layout; it’s not to scale. But let’s put it this way: the agents say the kitchen measures 12’4″ x 17’3″. The bedroom (currently marked bed/study) is 8’3″ x 15’7″. (We think.)


The front of the building, the side on the street, is actually the back of the flat. There’s a courtyard behind the building, with a locked iron security gate. There’s even a parking space. You walk up a flight of stairs to the first floor (second floor, in American), walk across the deck, and in through the kitchen.

From there, you take a left into the hallway (painted yellow with white trim), but you could also go straight ahead and into what is currently the living room (red with white trim), but will be, I think, our library cum dining room cum music room cum overflow guest room. It shares a wall with what we think are offices.

The current bedroom (looks like white or off-white), marked as the dining room on the floor plan, will be our sitting room and another overflow guest bedroom, the quiet room, as it shares a wall with our residential neighbor, although we’ll probably also put the television in there.

The bedroom (white or off-white damask print wallpaper?) is at the foot of the stairs next to the bath.

Upstairs is a guest bedroom that will store some of my craft supplies. The other room will be my workshop/studio and will house the bulk of the craft supplies. It will also need to convert to a guest room.


cozy : spacious : quirky : serene : welcoming : warm : comfortable

I’d like it to be the sort of house where I might come down from my workshop at 2 am on a Saturday early morning and discover people playing cards in the living room, while others are playing music in the library. (J, who would be coming off his hi-tech work day, would probably be hiding in the bedroom trying to take care of one last customer.)

My decorating style has been a Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware kind of look; a sort of contemporary classic look. We’ll see what we come up with!