So, yes indeed, here it is, another “I’m trying to make a home out of a house, wanna watch?” blog.

In July 2010, I emigrated from the US to the UK to be with my partner, J, in a quintessentially English little town. We’re moving from a gorgeous little rented house that’s older than my country, into a huge flat — and for the first time since J and I have been together, it’s an unfurnished flat.

We own…let’s see now…a piano bench. Which needs refurbishing.

For the last three years, we’ve been traveling around the world and living with friends and relatives. Now it’s time for us to put together a home. (More fervent thanks to those who have let us rest our heads and our excess belongings in your homes. Come to stay, so we can return the favor!) We’re at the start of our half centuries, we both know pretty much what we like and don’t like, so it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of home we make together.

I’ve worked with textiles all my life and am generally described as “crafty.” I’ve worked in theatre. I’ve worked in retail. And I love interior design and home decorating. (And I’ve always been lucky in that my partners have all been interested in having a nice home as well.) In the States, I know where and how to find what I need. It’s going to be interesting finding those things in the UK, where half the time whatever-it-is is called something completely different. (Know what quilting batting is called in the UK? Wadding, apparently. That one took a bit of pantomiming to figure out.)

Here’s our goals:

  • - spend as little as possible;
  • - end up with as few possessions weighing us down as possible;
  • - have a home that we love and are proud to share with family and friends;
  • - have fun doing all of this.

Please feel free to offer suggestions, opinions, and your answers to problems. More heads mean more solutions, and also the ability to knock me off the comfy perch and into interesting new territory. (Also, feel free to offer to pay for stuff. That’s helpful too.) (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Oh yeah, and also I have a really bad habit of going back to old posts and changing stuff if I think it makes it funnier or to fix mistakes I didn’t realize I made until just then. Sorry.