grout grout grout

Okay, I’ll admit that tiling in the kitchen, even on the counters, can be very attractive.

But only so long as the grout stays nice. If you don’t wipe it down after every use, if it wasn’t epoxy grout in the first place, if you live with (or are) a caffeine fiend who can’t be trusted to wipe up any spill asap…I really don’t recommend tiling for your kitchen counters.

However, as renters, we are stuck with it. And the people who have gone before us…were apparently not the tidiest housekeepers on the planet.

When we moved in, the tiles were filthy, so I started scrubbing them down…and quite a bit of the guck in the grout came up. But…not all of it. And around the sink, the grout was rotting and black and falling out.

The landlord had his favorite company do some work on the plumbing in the kitchen. I would rather have been able to pick my own, as I could have then specified epoxy grout, especially since the first time they re-grouted, it was obvious that they didn’t use epoxy grout. It discoloured in no time due to the water and damp coming up from the old taps. The landlord replaced the taps and then we had to wait for them to come back and regrout.

Which they did on Thanksgiving Day. (Hey, it’s the UK. It’s not their holiday.) Trying to make a Thanksgiving dinner for four while trying to not get the counters at all wet was a bit of a trial, but we got through it.

Today, we went and bought stuff with which to recolor the old grouting and hopefully seal the new grouting.

We shall see how it does. I’m hoping it’ll dry tougher than it is right now.

As you can see…it really needs it.

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