Well, I have been a busy bee, if you’ll pardon the school-marmish expression. The US shipment finally arrived, which meant that I spent the next few weeks unpacking. I’ve got it more or less down to some clutter that still needs a home, a pile of broken down boxes in the dining room, and a complete and utter disaster in what will eventually be my workshop. (Furniture doesn’t arrive from IKEA until the 22nd.)

So…I’m back!

The bathroom, save a few decorative touches (I want to find a battery operated lamp for reading in the tub — in the UK, there’s no such thing as electrical outlets in the bathroom — and we’re still trying to decide on whether new towels are necessary), is done. Finally, yay! A few snapshots, with real pics to follow at some point or other. (These have a really weird green spot in the middle for no real reason I can see.)

Lots of mirrors, as the winter is long and dark this far north.

ANYway. I’ll try and get some real pics and a post up on the bathroom later.

Today’s project was taking a queen size sheet and making it into a double – not something I’d normally bother with, but we are talking an 800 count sheet here. Lovely to sleep on, it’s thick and cool and soft. They’re Italian sheets that I couldn’t quite bear to leave behind in the States.

To be honest, I hate sewing curtains and sheets. They’re abysmally boring to sew, tending towards great big rectangles, with a lot of fabric to try and keep evenly fed through the machine. The results are worth it, but they’re never worth it until you’re actually done sewing. And because I haven’t a workshop yet, I don’t really have a surface big enough to lay out a sheet to cut it properly. So…I did it directly on the mattress!

I haven’t bothered with a pic of the finished sheet, because it looks like…well, a fitted sheet.

As you can see, the sheet is far too large for the mattress — both too wide and too long. They’re US queen sized sheets, and we sleep on a UK double. Normally I’d insist on a queen size, but, and I know this is probably too much information, J is a cuddler. Even in a king size bed, I’ll wake up perched on the edge of the mattress with J right behind me. So…since UK bedrooms tend to match the size of the beds, a double it was.

I ripped the elastic out of the edges, cut and pinned and sewed the new corners, then put the sheet back on the bed, trimmed it up a bit (I tried for about a four inch under tuck, but the end is pretty long), and then tried to be green and recycled the elastic. This may have been a mistake, as the used elastic isn’t very happy about this and is a bit…weak. So that may need re-doing with new elastic.

But it fits, and it’ll work for at least a while. Especially since we don’t have a dryer!

And last, but not least, I’m trying out the WordPress app on my iPhone with this post. :) I’m having problems with pictures…sometimes they take…sometimes they don’t.

But it’ll make it a lot easier to post if I can figure that out, so…I shall persevere. :)

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