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Phew, well, thanks to a courier service who lives up to the malign reputation of courier services, we missed being able to put one of J’s dearest friends in a real bed. :( The poor thing ended up on an air mattress. I was terribly disappointed. I hope she wasn’t too disappointed.

However, we’re hoping to lure her back now that we have a real bed.

The linens in this bed used to be on our bed, in our last house. We decided to go for a Venice theme in our guest bedroom, because we enjoyed our holiday in Venice last year so very much. I’d love to go back again soon, but, until then, whenever I go into the guest bedroom, it reminds me of our holiday all over again.

This room also needs to serve as a store room, as we have desperately little closet space in the flat. So the curtains serve to block off the edifying sight of various boxes and other paraphernalia of our lives. (The curtains formerly hung in J’s mother’s bedroom.)

The artwork is a Turner print of the Doge’s Palace. (There’s another original watercolor by a local artist on the wall to the left of the bed, and another piece of artwork — cut out of an old newspaper — of Manin’s funeral gondola procession. Cheerful, I know.)

I still need to put a few things in the room to make it as comfortable for guests as possible. A luggage rack, a clock, perhaps a way to play music, that sort of thing. I also need to get my sewing machine back in my hot little paws so I can finish the curtains — right now they’re sort of temporarily thrown up there, and I’d like to get them up so they’re a bit less pieced together!

Regardless, I hope this tempts a few people to come to stay…you know who you are!

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    Wow! That’s some guest room. Not even our main bedroom looks that good. (V cunning plan with the curtain, btw.)

  2. Zina #

    Ha – I’ve seen your house, I’m sure it does! :)

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