arc chrome floor lamp

Today we stopped by Argos and picked up the ARC Chrome Floor Lamp. This is now sitting in the living room.

I love Argos — it’s sort of like a cross between the old-fashioned catalog stores like Sears Roebuck in the US and IKEA and Target. The reviews on the website are crucial — you get to know how to tell if it’s a piece of outright crap that no amount of fixing up is going to help or whether its a bargain gem.

This one falls under “bargain gem”.

There was only one problem putting it together: there was a washer that was lightly glued to the inside of the base cover, only it was lightly glued incorrectly, so you couldn’t get the screw through the hole in the base. J took a screwdriver to it and gave it a light tap with the hammer, and voilá, off it popped. Phew. (He claims that this sort of thing comes naturally to anyone used to DIY in the UK.)

It’s not as big as you might hope to light the entire room, but it’s just tall enough to be perfect for sitting next to and slightly over the sofa so you can read. The arc shape of it recalls, of course, the famous Flos Arco floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962 — but to be honest, I actually like the shape of this lamp better, and I certainly like the price tag a lot better (£39.96!) than the Flos Arco (£1,539.00 at Selfridges!).

So yeah, there’s a fairly high incidence of having to take stuff back to Argos to be replaced, but not as often as you might think, plus our local Argos is just on the other end of the high street, which makes it a five minute walk.

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  1. Zina #

    We did put a fancy-schmancy new type of bulb in it, an energy-saving 11w bulb that has the ice-cream shaped thingy inside a light bulb shape outside, which said it was “warm white”. However, the inside of the ARC lamp is a bright white, and J says he feels like someone’s about to start asking him sharp questions sitting under it. So tomorrow we’ll go see if we can find a slightly less white bulb…

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