softboiled eggs

I have yet to manage a perfect soft-boiled egg on our new stove top. It’s one of those glass topped cookers, which marries all the downsides of electric cooking with the difficulties of keeping the dang things looking nice. (Oh, gas cookers, how I miss thee!) A 3.5 minute egg is turning out not to be a 3.5 minute egg, if you know what I mean.

It doesn’t help that, as an American, I tend to refrigerate my eggs rather than keep them out on the counter as many people seem to do in the UK. I may have to start getting my eggs for the morning out the night before to get my perfect soft-boiled egg.

So far the eggs are mainly too gloopy or almost completely hard, neither of which is acceptable.

Everyone has their favorite soft-boiled egg. There’s the completely gloopy white and yellow camp. (Personally, I vote Yuck But I’ll Eat It.) There’s the soft white/gloopy yellow camp. (Personally, that’s More Or Less Acceptable.) There’s the almost cooked-through white/thickish yellow. (Personal Perfect.)

There’s a whole range of in-between any of those, of course.

And then for some, toast soldiers are the only way to fly. For others (mainly in the gloopy camps, but I’m a longer cooked egg mashed onto buttered toast kind of girl, myself), toast with eggs scooped out of shell and plopped onto bread is the only correct.

In one way, I’m quite lucky: J can’t stand soft-boiled eggs at all, the very thought makes him feel quite ill. So I only have to figure out how to get my perfect egg, instead of my perfect egg and his perfect egg. This cuts down time spent at the stovetop considerably.

And now, I’m going to go have another go at a perfect soft-boiled egg.

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  1. Zina #

    Hmmm. ALMOST perfect this time. I am getting closer.

    If I warm the eggs to room temp or have them at room temp, and then go to four minutes…? Tomorrow. :)

  2. 2

    My personal solution is scrambled, as in scrambled eggs. Best of luck in your culinary pursuit of excellence!

  3. Zina #

    Excellence! I’ll settle for a decent egg. :) I also like scrambled, to be honest — just a little on the moist side, no dry eggs here. However, I as of yet do not have a good small frying pan. When I do, I’ll scramble the odd egg fairly regularly.

  4. Zina #

    TA DAHHHH! Perfect eggs this morning! Room temp eggs, boiling water from electric kettle, 3.5 minutes from (re)boil.


  5. 5

    My grandparents on my Mom’s side, as well as the Amish relatives and friends of my childhood all kept the eggs on the counter. They also harvested their own eggs.
    Chickens don’t have refrigerated nests, after all LOL.

  6. Zina #

    LOL — yes, but on the other hand, their eggs got eaten right away! It’s not unusual for six eggs to last me for a week and a half, even two weeks, by which time the only thing they’re really good for is boiling…

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