what color is a mink?

I’ve just bought a small wardrobe for our guestroom. Not an exciting purchase, but a practical one, and a necessary one. It’s described as “mink and chocolate brown,” which confused me for a second.

This was because to me as an American, minks are chocolate brown, as on the right, above. To a European, minks are a sort of silvery beige, as on the left, above. Cute, aren’t they? Notoriously short-tempered and vicious with their teeth, though.

Mind you, there’s apparently a good-sized naturalized community of escaped American minks in Europe.

So I guess “mink” as a color is whatever we say it is, really, just like “chili pepper” as a color name could be red, orange, green, or even striped, or “duck egg blue” means about about a jillion different blues that duck eggs come in, equaling out to “medium light blue tinged with some green”.

Just another day in a Paradise where the language sounds the same as mine, but actually translates out in some significantly different ways.

In other news, the bird sculpture I’m working on is nearly done — I need to find a chunk of heavy wood to attach it to, first. Pictures of the sculpture in process to follow.

I’ve also discovered that Farrow & Ball paints live up to their reputation of “gorgeous but not a good paint for beginners and the chronically cack-handed.” (Or, more or less in my case, terribly out of practice. I used to be an okay painter, once upon a time…) DIY has happened, and pics to follow of that, too.

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  1. 1

    hm. i think of mink as a slightly pinkish/purplish beige; the colour americans call mauve. but mauve in uk english is more like lilac!

    apols for lack of caps. elfling spilled water on my keyboard this morning and its having difficulty. also with apostrophes. this could get very annoying very quickly.

  2. Zina #

    And here I thought you were being all post-modern chic. :) Is the problem in this day and age of laptops as desktops…if you spill something on the keyboard, you’re pretty much out of luck…

    Are there mauve minks, I wonder?

  3. 3

    Take comfort in knowing your guests are unlikely to be short tempered and viscous with their teeth! LOL

    My girls could use an extra wardrobe. Thanks for this post, it’s a good reminder.

  4. Zina #

    It’s been a bit of a saga. The wardrobe I bought yesterday turned out to be missing the crossbrace. So this morning I took it back and got another one.

    It’s a little crooked, but seems to be sturdy enough. Can’t quite make up my mind if it’s because the drilling isn’t straight, if the wood isn’t straight, or if it’s because there’s no straight lines in our flat and so it went together crooked…or maybe all three.

    I might give another one a go, as they also sell shelving units, and I’m thinking that could be good for my workshop.

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