mark the spot

Yes. I’ll admit it. I’m the kind of person who alphabetizes her CD collection. Luckily, I no longer have a CD collection, as it’s now all on my drives.

But these, designed by Hiroshi Sasagawa, are cute. I may have to steal this idea somewhat. Get some quilting template materials, or some other plastic stuff, cut out my own shapes.It’d be great for my knitting books and magazines, to mark where they go when I’ve got bits and pieces out off the shelves for one reason or another.

I’m quite enamoured with the stag leaping out from between the books. Would love a set of cats sneaking around a bookcase.

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  1. 1

    I love this!!!
    I’d use it for my bookshelves, and just to make me happy. :-}
    I might go for aliens for the SciFi section, botanicals for my herbals, veggies and piggies and cows for the cookbooks etc….

  2. Zina #

    I know! I’m going to wait ’til my stuff comes out of storage (which we’ve agreed should be after my birthday party on the 25th), if I can wait that long, because then I’ll be able to figure out the bookcase in some kind of decorative way…I was thinking botanicals too!

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