mouth blown wine glasses

When we first moved into our old house, J’s sister gave us some lovely wine glasses that we loved more the more we used them. They feel great in the hand, weighted toward the bottom of the glass, so they don’t feel tippy or top heavy, they’re casual, so you don’t feel silly drinking pomegranate lemonade or orange juice or elderflower cordial with soda water out of them.

They turned out to be these RĂ„TTVIK wine glasses from IKEA. Hand made, mouth blown. And inexpensive.

So we bought eight more of them. Think we’re now set for wine glasses.

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  1. 1

    We just bought new water glasses from Ikea (only 15 minutes from our house!) I love their heavy bottoms and wide mouths.

  2. Zina #

    15 minutes! I am SO jealous. I’d kill to get into IKEA whenever I wanted…okay, so only while I’m actively furnishing my home, after that…it’s okay if it’s a bit further away. :)

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