trendy? me?

You know what I really dislike? I really dislike when you’re imagining your new room, and you think…”ooh, I have that zebra fabric remnant I got that one time years ago…I’ll cover the chair seats with that, that’ll be original and fun!”… only to discover that apparently the zebra (and giraffe) skin look is now “trendy.”

Or when you say to yourself, “oh, now I can finally decorate the bedroom in duck egg blue,” which you think of as a very 20′s-30′s color but one of your favorites, “and taupes and browns, which I’ve always wanted to do and never had the chance!”… only to discover that apparently this color scheme has been trendy and is now on the way out.

Or when you decide that what you need to do with the living room is to decorate almost in all white (having switched from purpleish-blue after consultation with your beloved, as in, “he really doesn’t like the idea of blue”) with an accent color like…ooh, that sort of acid green that I wear so much of and like…only to open up a magazine and discover that this is apparently one of The New Looks For This Season…

It’s all very annoying. I dislike being Trendy, because the whole point of Trendy is that it goes past at a rate of knots, and then isn’t Trendy any more.

I mean, I’ve never really had a room that stayed the same way for very long, as I tend to morph just about every room I live in as time goes by, so Trendy isn’t a concern in the long run. I guess what I really don’t like is looking like I’ve tried to be Trendy, and it’s annoying to do so by accident.

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