diy anaglypta repair

After a lovely but quick dinner out between J’s working hours, I spent a slightly boring but meditative hour repairing anaglypta with filler (UK)/spackle (US). I discovered that an unbent paper clip with a loop on one end makes an excellent tiny little sculpting tool.

However, afterwards, I got curious and actually bothered to get online and see if there’s any information on repairing anaglypta.

Of course there is, silly me.

You take heavy paper of an appropriate weight and texture, cut it into the shape that you need, and glue that onto the wall with wallpaper paste.

Since this would mean that I would have had to go buy watercolor paper to get the right texture, mix up some wallpaper paste, and then put it on, I’m kinda glad I went the easier-if-not-correct way with the spackle.

But we’ll see what happens tomorrow after it has dried, because spackle does shrink a bit when it dries.

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  1. 1

    Can’t wait to see if your repair trick works. I think it will. And then you get to test the paint colour match!

  2. Zina #

    I think it’s just a touch dark. I may have to go a touch lighter…

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