living & evolving

As time goes by, ideas start evolving…the bedroom has been going through its own evolving, and the living room is as well. The living room is starting to go all blank-canvas, with the plan for the furniture going whiter and whiter…the whole thing still grounded by the  leather armchair that J’s sister has promised us, and grassy rug. (I’m thinking the IKEA Poäng chair that Delle gave us may have to change covers to go white as well…wonder if the budget will stretch for a white leather cover?)

And I saw this today on the Slim Shelves website as part of their moodboard for a lobby set up. I am starting to really like the idea of lots and lots of white with accents of that warm dark blue through not-quite-but-almost-purple blue and lime green.

A big ol’ planter full of tall mother-in-law’s tongue — Sansevieria Trifasciata, the rather insulting common name coming from the sharpness of the plant’s blades – another common name is Snake Plant — would be lovely between the windows.

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