stop and smell the roses

I always think that taking a bit of time out in a protracted move like this is really important.

So yesterday I stopped in the market and took half an hour out to buy and arrange some flowers in our half-furnished flat. Roses (they’re slightly deeper red than the pic shows) in a cream vase that J’s mother gave us when we moved into our current house. Calla lilies in a crystal vase I found at the local not-really-a-pound-shop shop.

I love calla lilies. They remind me of home, as California is the only place I’ve ever lived that you can plant calla lilies outdoors and have them actually bloom and re-bloom.

The other pieces on the mantel are almost all new bits that I’ve gotten from various places: the small lamps (which may be too small for the fireplace mantel, I haven’t decided yet) and the two blocky candlesticks are from Wilkinson’s (think K-Mart only a touch smaller, Americans), as is the little lantern. The church candle holder came from the clearance section of our local hardware shop, and the little silver flower bowl from the cancer charity shop on the high street. The wood spoons were a gift from Frankie, a lovely spoons player from Donegal, and I believe one of J’s sisters gave him the jangly OM piece.

We may not have much but chairs in that room yet, but there’s stuff on the mantelpiece, by golly.

I also decided to dangle a carrot in front of myself to get the move done. When everything’s in place, I’m going to try picking up canvas and brush again.

I haven’t done any serious painting since I was about…let’s see, 9 or so? Maybe 10 or 11. My last project while I was taking lessons was to paint a little picture of a little girl (me) on a flowery hill. My teacher was so impressed with it, bless her, she told me she thought I should have it framed and give it to my mother.

So they did the framing for me very quickly (it was very small) at the little shop I took lessons from, and I gave it to my mother, who then made me cry as she was angry about the expense; she went into the shop to talk to my rather bewildered teacher about letting me spend so much money in the shop. It turned out that she hadn’t realized that I’d painted it my last two weeks with my teacher; she’d thought I’d bought the framed art!

Ah, our childhood traumas.

The local stationer’s shop is having a really good clearance sale on canvases and even easels. (I really had to resist the temptation to buy the studio easel, which isn’t very portable. This one is actually a traveling easel and folds down to a surprisingly small bundle.)¬†And we need art for our walls. So here it is, waiting for me to get everything in place.

Hopefully it won’t have to wait too long…

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  1. 1

    I look forward to seeing your paintings :-}
    I feel a bit the same about my collage work.
    BUT Os is moving mountains in his study, and soon (SOON) my studio will be ready for me to set things up again!

  2. Zina #

    I didn’t know you were a collage artist, Diana! Is there no end to your talents?! Got any pics?

  3. Zina #

    Note to self: in England, it’s doubly important that you change the water in your vases every other day. At least for the roses. (The calla lilies, on the other hand, look almost exactly like they did when I first put them in the vase.)

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