sweet dreams redux

Okay, pics of the bedroom. You’ll have to pardon the inclusion of the enormous desk that was in here. I spent an evening upside down under the desk with an Allen wrench (US)/key (UK), taking it apart, having given up on the landlord ever coming to get it out of the room. Of course, the next day he came to take it out of the room.

The worst bit about that was trying to take the screws out and trying to keep my arms between me and the desktop, because I couldn’t quite figure out how the desktop went together, and therefore wasn’t sure if removing the screws I was removing was going to make the thing come down on top of my head. (Which it only tried to do once.)

Note the lovely pattern and color of the pelmet (UK)/valance (US). <— sarcasm. A lovely floral in a kind of mauve-ish lavender. It will go away.

What we can’t figure out is why the window actually goes behind that sticky-out bit on the left for another few inches.

There’s that same toast/biscuit color fitted (UK)/wall to wall (US) carpet. Same painted-over anaglypta, this time in a pinkish cream.

It’s a weird room, and I can see why the past renter used the front room as the bedroom. This room is about 8.5 feet by about 15.5 feet, and the struggle will be for it not to turn into a bowling alley or for it to feel very claustrophobic. Good thing we’re used to sleeping in a double (4’6″ wide).

All of the electrical sockets are on the inside wall, the one on the right as you stand in the door.

Also, note the weirdness of the light fixture.

The light fixture itself really isn’t that weird, as I think I’ve mentioned earlier. It’s a delicate fixture, very feminine. What’s weird is why anyone wanted to use a light fixture that’s weighted in the bedroom/study, as in, it is supposed to easily go up and down in order to light a task area. For a study, sure…but shouldn’t it be over a desk and not the middle of the room? (And notice that weird scalloped shadow on the walls in the pic on the left? That’s the fluted edge of the light fixture.)

So…if we stay for very long at all, that fixture is going to be a splurge replacement. Mainly because we’ll hire someone to put it in. You do not fool around with UK electricity.

If you’ve been reading past posts carefully, you’ll have noticed I said earlier that we’ve gotten a wardrobe. This one we got at a delightful little local shop that deals in both new and second-hand furniture that’s been re-furbished in their little workshop in the back of the store. I got it because it’s a small size, as I knew this bedroom was not big enough to put a big wardrobe in, and big wardrobes were about all I was finding.

(Probably somewhat needless to say, I could have gotten a cheap Argos small wardrobe, but would have ended up paying almost similar to what we paid for this, but it would have been very badly made.)

We got the mattress in the little mattress shop upstairs of the furniture shop. This was a major part of our budget, because with J’s recent health problems, a good mattress was not an option, it was a necessity. I don’t really like divan beds (something you never see in the US), they’re heavy and I’m always stubbing my toe on them.

But I also didn’t like the way the mattress felt on a slatted bed, since we weren’t going to spend lots of money on the bed. (It probably would have been fine on the super-duper hand-made and adustable slatted Scandinavian bed, of course.) So a divan it was. On the up side, it has four drawers in the divan base, and we badly need the storage space.

I’d intended to put the bed on the same side of the room as the wardrobe, because of the location of the electrical sockets. However, when I got the wardrobe and bed into the room, I discovered that putting the bed on the same wall basically made the wardrobe loom over the bed, which wasn’t comfortable at all.

I tried moving the wardrobe diagonally across the corner, and that was okay, but not great.

Moving the wardrobe to the other wall means that the wardrobe can go back against the wall, and also that we will need a long extension cord (US)/lead (UK) to get power to the other side of the room and the bedside tables. Oh, and a really fluffy rug to put over the cord/lead. A Flokati, I think, for some texture, and softness under foot in the dressing area of the room.

I was going to go very contemporary modern for this room, and still intend to do so, but it’s all a bit hazy, as J says the pieces I’ve gotten so far are all rather post-war austerity to a British person’s eye. I’ll have to be very careful with the dressing of the room, I think.

We’ve found a small chest of drawers to use to the left of the bed as a night table and provide more storage. We still need to find a table for the right side that will double as an emergency workspace for J when the house is over-run by guests while he’s trying to work. I’d love to find a glass or mirrored table for that.

The chair is part of a set that came from Emmaus, and more on that soon.

Tomorrow is our last day of actual moving – after that, we clean the old house. Tomorrow we spend our first night in the new flat.

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