anaglypta touchups

Anaglypta is kind of like “Kleenex” or “Xerox”, in that all three companies are so closely associated with their products that even products that are made by competitors are sometimes known as “xeroxes”, “kleenex” or “anaglypta.” Educational note appropo of nothing: Anaglypta (the company) is a UK company, and so most Americans have no idea what people are referring to when they talk about anaglypta wallpaper.

I however am now living in a flat that is literally covered in the stuff — the first floor is entirely papered in anaglypta.

And the thing about anaglypta is that it’s softish, even after being painted over, which was why it was so innovative when it was invented (previously to that, wall paper was hard and stiff), and that means that when you bang things into it and pull…you get this:

Oh, the horror.

And anyone who has tried to match a red wall to red touch up paint without knowing what brand or color was used knows exactly what kind of process awaited me. All of the walls in the dining room had white bits, too.

After many many many color chip testings at different times of day and much gnawing of lips, I narrowed it down to two colors in the Little Greene range.

It turned out to be the Bronze Red. Or at least, close enough to the Bronze Red for it to work, and that’s good enough for me.

Next up: trying to figure out a way to replace the fibers lost when furniture got scraped across the anaglypta, as just painting over it may hide the glaring white bits, but doesn’t do anything to repair the injured pattern. I may just take the easy way out and use what Americans call spackle and what British people call…actually, I can’t remember exactly what they call it. I’ll look at the tube tomorrow and tell you later.

It means that part of the pattern will be hard instead of soft. But it may be the only way I can get the ability to sculpt the pattern back into place.

And then after that, I get to find the correct yellow and the correct cream. Yay.

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    This has been a real DIY for you, hasn’t it? You’ve been so patient with all the large and small projects. You’ll love it when it’s done and never want to leave!

  2. Zina #

    To be honest, even before getting everything done, I already love this flat and am already pretty close to not wanting to leave! This is J and my first home together where I get to actually choose furniture and art and all the little bits that go into making a home, and I’m so happy to be doing all of this stuff.

    Besides which, I still legally can’t work (on a fiancee visa), so I’m glad I’ve got this to distract me. :)

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