little luxuries

So this afternoon, I needed to get some of the clothes put away. This meant that I needed to put some clothes into the wardrobe, which we got second hand. I wiped out the two drawers in the middle of the shelf section of the wardrobe, and while they look pretty clean…there’s just something about not really knowing where they’ve been, if you know what I mean.

So I ran off to quick-like-bunnies pick up some drawer lining paper. Well, I thought it would be quick.

Wilkinson’s didn’t have any. Waitrose didn’t have any. Hmm. Okay, the local hardware/decor shop didn’t have any. Neither did any of the shops on the high street. Hmmm.

I ended up at the local cathedral gift store, because I remembered they carry Cath Kidston. And yes, they had her Rose drawer liners.

Which are a little more highly scented than I usually go for. (I usually go for a sea scent or something else very light.) But I have to admit that if you’re going to go for a rose scent, this one is better than most. Somehow, it manages to pull off being rich, complicated, delicate, and feminine without being overly sweet.

The scent is not just rose, but also “Italian Orris” (I assume this is marketspeak for iris florentina root, a fixative), white amber (a tree resin), and Tonka bean (oil from the seed of a South American tree).

If J doesn’t absolutely hate it, I’m going to go get another package to make sure I have enough for that new chest of drawers I was talking about to use as a bedside table (it’ll be a few inches higher that your usual bedside table)…the plan is to buy it and paint it a silver or zinc color. Top it with glass, maybe.

I’ll need to also find either a very, very good metallic paint, or I’ll need to find a place that does electroplating, because the hardware is great on the piece I have in mind, and I love it, but it’s not the right color for a silver or zinc finish.

I’d love a mirrored piece, but I think it might be a bit much for that room and out of my budget besides.

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