still moving…

Oh Lordy. How tired am I of moving? of packing? of schlepping boxes around? (The answer is, if you haven’t guessed: really, really tired.)

At least most of my stuff is still on the pallet in storage. I’m having a hard enough time trying to find places to put things when there’s nothing to put them on. Even when we do have something on or in which to put things, I can’t put them there yet. This is because most of them are dusty inside and even when they’re not…putting your clothes in a dresser that you haven’t cleaned yourself, put new lining paper in yourself…argh. Not really to be thought of, you know what I mean?

We’re waiting for our new vacuum cleaner to arrive sometime today. (We’re getting a Miele, a little canister style one, not an upright. I’ve certainly never owned a Miele before, and John has never had one before we rented this rapidly emptying house. Our landlady has had one here for us to use, and let me tell you, this little baby rocks. If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, try out a Miele.)

I need to stop and buy some lining papers. Yes, the wardrobe we bought secondhand looks clean. No, I’m not going to put my undies into the shelves until I’ve cleaned it out to my own satisfaction and have put in new lining papers. Same will go for the chest of drawers I have my eye on at our little local furniture shop, if it’s still there today. (They deal in both new and second-hand and re-furbished furniture.)

And I need to get back out to Emmaus to find a few more little tables. And bookshelves are also in the works.

Once we have a few more things in place, I’ll get the pallet delivered. So I can move and unpack even more boxes. Yay.

In the meantime, I’m waiting on J’s sister to get here and help me move stuff that’s fragile in her car, as carting it through town on a dolly is a great way to break things, and then after that, J’s BIL will help me move three boxes too heavy for me to lift.

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  1. Zina #

    Used the new Miele for the first time today. Holy cow. This thing is probably the strongest vacuum I’ve ever owned, and it’s teeeeensy. I truly highly recommend it.

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