MAAS polish order…

Oh, I love the Net. You find the weirdest, best, and most entertaining ways of spending your time and money on it.

I was looking for things with which to clean the new flat. Copper (or is that brass? too tarnished to tell) handles on the cabinets in the kitchen. Corroded copper sink fixtures. Three, count them, three chandeliers all in various states of tarnish. (I actually suspect the chandelier in the dining room of being lacquered. It’s way too bright compared to the other two.) Hard water deposits on all the bathroom fixtures. Also, I wanted something to clean the crystals on the hallway chandelier.

Careful Googling — okay, fine, it was Googling and wandering around the Webz indiscriminately and aimlessly — led me to the MAAS line of polishes.

So I’m going to try them. Have just ordered from the UK site. Will let you know how it goes.

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