dream deck

With our prospective new flat, the first thing you see of the actual space is the deck. So I’d like to make it as welcoming and as much like what the design magazines tend to call an “outdoor room” as possible. (It probably won’t be quite as nice as the picture on the left. Just sayin’.)

I’ll post a pic as soon as we have one without the current tenant’s things in them. (I’ve got pics with her things in them, but using them that way on a blog just seems…wrong.)

Basically, it looks like a large “terrace garden” that is comprised of some rather greenish-at-the-edges decking, a railing, and…well, that’s about it, really.

So the first thing that will have to happen is the green gunk will have to be scrubbed off the decking. What good is having a lovely deck if every time it rains (and while it doesn’t happen as often as people seem to think it does in England, it definitely rains enough) the deck is so slippery that one would be taking one’s life in one’s hands by walking on it when it’s wet?

thinking aloud

We’ll have to figure out how to put a “roof” on this room without adding any actual structures, like the one on the right. A “roof” of some sort would be lovely, but this is a rental. A large patio umbrella is the first thing that comes to mind, of course. That might have to be an unavoidable expense.

Something that shades at least one large table, at least, so Himself can work on the deck on sunny days without risking burning to a crisp. (I’ve never met anyone so able to sunburn on so little sun, and so quickly.) At least four (six would be better) chairs, although something loungy like the pic up on the right wouldn’t be so bad. A few smaller tables. An outdoor rug would be nice, if we can find something cheap that’s comfy under bare feet, but won’t rot the decking.

And some planters. Some quite large ones would be good for climbing roses (for draping over the railings) and at least two (if not four) trees of the evergreen sort, at some point, the kind that are shaped like an exclamation point, and perhaps with trellis panels in-between them for “walls” that aren’t too neighbor un-friendly.

And perhaps a water feature for noise masking…at some point.

Did I mention that it’s quite a large deck?

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