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Finally, a room with no color!

Well, okay, you know what I mean; yes, white is a color (anyone who has tried to match a white trim with a new paint knows it’s a color, all right), but this is the first room that doesn’t smack you in the face with the walls.

That slightly drunken look to the picture? That’s not the camera. It actually looks like that. Of all the uneven floors in this place, this is the uneven-est. Er. Most uneven, I mean.

From the doorway, you walk downhill into the center of the room and then back up to the corner to the left of the fireplace. It’s a bad, bad place to be drunk, as I suspect walking across this room drunk would mean you would quickly be sick as well.

The brass chandelier is badly tarnished, so that’s going to be a chore…once we get a ladder, anyway. There’s no way I’m taking that thing off the ceiling to clean it though, so there better be some kind of spray that I can use.

Actually, I’ve seen lots of mention of something called BrassMate. There had better not be any laquer on this chandelier, because I’m not taking it down to take it off, but if there’s no laquer, then I’ll be trying this BrassMate stuff, which is supposed to not have any of the horrible corrosive stuff in it that most brass cleaners have in them to take off the horrible corrosive stuff. How exactly I’m going to get it into the UK, I’m not sure yet, but where there’s a will…

Anyway. Living room.

(Click on the pics to see a larger picture that’s not quite so cropped.)

As I posted earlier today, I intend to keep the walls white in here, and go with a warm blue palette moving from a deep blue to a purple-ish pastel, which I spotted in a still from Young Victoria (pic below). Oddly enough, since seeing that pic, I’ve also spotted this same purple-ish range of colors in a lot of different places, so perhaps it’s more normal than I thought. There’ll also be gleams of gold and dark chestnut-colored woods and fabric and bits of green to set it all off.

We have a Multiyork sofa that J’s mother has given us, since it’s too big for her living room (and has been for quite some time). I haven’t made up my mind whether to have Multiyork, which makes sofas that come with covers attached with velcro, and then you can simply order new covers, make a warm deep blue cover (velvet would be lovely), or whether to make the new cover myself, as the sofa seat is quite low; it would be nice to make the cushions deeper and use some firm foam under the down to make it easier to get out of the thing.

The old raised-pattern wallpaper, which is the same pretty much throughout the entire floor, is a fairly common sight around the UK, as most people do hate taking old wallpaper down. And after a while, if you paint over it enough, it becomes part of the plaster, and if you try to take it off, it apparently most usually takes chunks of the plaster with it.

J is pretty sure the ceiling rosettes are (fairly) new, but I don’t mind. It appeals to the girlie side of me.

I really really really would like to have a Barcelona style daybed for this room. I have to say I don’t know precisely why, though. A Barcelona bench would do instead, or it should, but for some reason, my heart is rather set on a daybed. I’ve tried picturing other bits of furniture in here, but keep coming back to this one design. I’ve no idea why.

Since the cheapest copy I’ve found yet is about 450 quid, I hope I find whatever can take its place quickly.

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  1. 1

    You’ve got some really wonderful ideas and in short time too. This decorating stuff comes easily too you. Looks like a rather large living room, plenty of room for furniture, bookshelves and another other thing you want.

    I hope you get your Barcelona day bed. Is it possible to buy a good quality used one?

  2. Zina #

    Hmmm. D’you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a used one, not even a copy? Interesting…maybe it’s because the leather straps give way and people think it’s not worth repairing? Or do the frames give way first, I wonder? Hmmmmm…

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