the green green grass of home

Right, so here’s that grass-like rug that I want to hook for the living room, right? The version here is knitted, but I want a pretty large rug – something like 4×6 – for under the coffee table and between the sofa and the whatever-I-come-up-with on the other side. Trying to knit that would mean a small fortune in yarn, even the cheap stuff. And “heavy” wouldn’t begin to describe the weight.

The idea is to give an okay-so-its-a-bit-obvious-I’m-sorry hint of lawnness to the living room, because we won’t have a garden beyond what I can manage on the deck and the kitchen window ledge. Also, it wouldn’t be my house if I didn’t make something to give it that slightly sheepish air of look-what-I-made-you-Mum.

So first visit when I get around to shopping for this rug will be to one of my favorite shops thus far in the UK: Texere, up in Bradford, Yorkshire. Whenever we go to Leeds, I try to visit Texere. They carry some good lines of very inexpensive yarns for rug making. (They also carry way too many tempting yarns for not rug-making. As I’ve found to my cost. Literally.)

This project is planned to take place sometime during the push to get the sofa re-covered and the curtains replaced, and at the same time as finding the artwork for the room. (And if you believe that I have that solid of a timeline for any of this, I have a bridge to sell you somewhere in Brooklyn.)

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