living room color palette

I’ll post pics of the living/sitting room tonight, but just quick like bunnies, here’s a pic from Young Victoria with the color palette I think I want to use in there, which has white walls, that same biscuitty colored carpet as the rest of the flat, and gold metal accents in the chandelier and mirror frame.

However, chandelier and frame all aside, I think I want to go with a contemporary modern feel to the room.

We have an inherited sofa (MultiYork) that I need to re-cover, hopefully in the same blue of Vickie’s dress, with accents of green and purplish-blues in the other furnishings.

To mix in the modern, a daybed the same chestnut as Vickie’s hair, and along the lines of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona would be lovely, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to find something at a price point I like…we’ll see.

I’m thinking a subtle-ish garden-y theme, too. I found a blue silk pillow with ruffles stitched onto it that suggest flowers, and perhaps another one similar to it in a more purply blue would be good, as well as a couple of knitted cashmere pillows in a darker purply blue. The day bed I’d love in a brown cashmere or leather.

J’s sister and BIL have offered us a dark brown leather armchair for the space, too. So then all we’d need is a small modern-lined bookcase, a small armchair for reading in, a few lamps, a low coffee table (preferably of glass), and some artwork…

Oh, and I want to latch a rug that suggests a green lawn. Because I like making my life difficult. (This one is knitted, but I think a latched rug would be easier in the larger size I’m thinking of.)

Okay, so maybe the garden-ish theme won’t be all that subtle.

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