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The hallway. The very, very yellow hall. It has two things going for it. First, for a hallway, it’s an immense size. Second, the crystal chandelier is really quite impressive.

When I was a girl, it was my job to wash the crystals in the chandeliers in the living and dining rooms. Mom would make up the bucket of ┬áhot, sudsy wash water (vinegar and a drop or two of dishwashing liquid) and then I would dip each single crystal into the bucket, wipe it off carefully for maximum sparkle, and then set it aside to let it dry completely. Then I’d rehang the crystals.

It took hours.

I always swore I’d never own a chandelier again, so I wouldn’t have to wash crystals ever again. Ha. I’ve spent my adult life yearning for a chandelier, and haven’t been able to manage one. Now I have one and suspect that I will re-learn to hate to wash chandelier crystals all over again.

Anyway. Hall.

The yellow is…not my favorite yellow. My favorite yellow is a very pale, icy, lemon-chiffon color. This is a warm, almost orangey yellow. However, I can already see the value of this particular yellow in the grey of an English winter. But it looks like hell with the rather toast/biscuit color of the carpets.

That mirror. Love full length mirrors in hallways. Hate the clunky, rounded heaviness of the frame. Suspect I will be gold or silver leafing it.

Ugly fake plant. Make it go away.

The proportion of the stairway banisters is really odd. It’s far too short and small for such a grand hallway. I spotted some glass balls (I’m not actually sure what they’re for) at the pound shop (like a US dollar store) today, so I may grab one and see how it looks as a sort of newel finial.

That enormous wooden chest in the hallway came with the flat. It’s quite old, and is subdivided into three sections with only one hatch in the top for middle. I’ve no idea what it was used for originally, but it’s obvious that it’s quite old, and seen actual use for whatever it was for, and is a really great piece — it fits the size of the spaces perfectly. It’s going to go into the dining room to have things put on top, most probably a television, if we ever decide to buy one. (If routers and things will go on top, I’m going to have to come up with some kind of storage thingy for them, it’d be quite criminal to just pile all the electronics on top of that chest.)

In the chest’s place will go a seating area of some sort, because, I think I’ve said, I like providing many places to sit and read or chat.

And, lookit, even shorter curtains. *sigh*

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  1. 1

    I am trying to have some sympathy for you and your short curtain problem but I’m struggling.

    This is honestly the most amazing flat! (of course, I love warm yellows – especially in winter) It’ll be even more magnificent when you’re done with it. The short curtains and chandelier are the price you gotta pay for such a grand place.


  2. Zina #

    Well, on the plus side, there’s tons of room, and it really is beautiful.

    On the minus side, there isn’t a straight line in the entire place, I’d say at this point. And I do think it’s going to be pretty noisy.

    All in all, I’m really looking forward to living in the place.

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