dining room pics

I now have pictures! Here’s the dining room in all it’s tomato-ey glory. It’s actually slightly darker than actual tomato, and slightly less orange.

It’s a large space, and as I said earlier, I mean for it to be a multi-purpose room. J and I like to wake up slowly in the morning with some quiet music and cups of coffee/cappucino/espresso, so I’m setting aside an area in front of the windows for a pair of small armchairs and a two person-sized table for breakfast and a bit of music. (This is to the right of the door to the hallway.) There’s a large rug, in a dark red, that’s meant for us to use, but it was “stored” folded rather than rolled, so likely I’ll have to rent a steamer to get it to lie flat again.

The dining room, as you can see, is a cozy red color, so ideal for a dining and library room. There’ll be a large table under the large chandelier (which is off-center in the room) in front of the non-working fireplace. It’ll serve as a work surface, library table, and dining table, as well as a table musicians can gather round to play an evening out.

I intend to paint the fireplace insert a dark grey and then gold leaf a motto onto it — working idea, not set in stone! — of some sort.

On the wall next to the kitchen (to the left of the door to the kitchen), shelving will hold the bulk of our books. If I can’t find shelving at a decent or free price, it’ll be melamine shelving with glass brick supports, I’d imagine, or perhaps cardboard shelving with a faux bois finish if I can get motivated.

In the nook to the right of the fireplace, I intend to put a banquette made of a box bench with a single mattress on top with a cover; that way we can sleep a guest in this room if necessary, and we can also put another table here for extra seating for meals. Until I can get that built, it may just be a place for an armchair and floor lamp for reading. (My idea of a truly lovely home is to build in as many comfy, cozy places as possible for reading or napping or talking.)

The dining room floor is, as in the living room, noticeably uneven. Be sure to take note of the curtains in the middle picture above: surprise, they’re all the same length. :) I’m hoping to find some cheap fabric at the market to make new curtains with. I will pool them on the floor, mainly to avoid the whole uneven floor problem.

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  1. 1

    This room is already very nice. And so large! Plenty of room for a table one can walk around without having to lean over people sitting at the table.

    Can’t wait to see the after pics.

  2. Zina #

    Me neither, Dawne! :)

  3. 3

    Talk to me about free bookcases at knit nation…

  4. Zina #

    Ooo, yes’m, that sounds intriguing!

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