Every now and again, I run into things that don’t translate well between American and British.

Imagine, if you please, the confused and terse argument that followed when I asked J to please table a discussion for a bit, and so he obligingly immediately started covering the subject in depth, even though he didn’t actually want to. (In American, “tabling a discussion” means putting the subject “down” for a bit and discussing something else. In British, “tabling a discussion” means putting it out on the table for immediate discussion.)

And just right this minute, we had another US/UK moment: I asked if he wanted to stop at a friend’s in London on our way back from Heathrow. He said no. Then he said, wait, do you mean stop or just meet up? (Apparently “stop” means “stay the night.”)

Anyway, one thing I’ve not been able to find in the UK is one of these:

Am I just looking for something that’s called something else in the UK?

Now, mind you, this is a bed frame that is made for a box spring (which goes under a mattress), and those aren’t something you’ll find without going to some trouble in the UK…so I may not be able to find a box spring in the UK either, which makes it all rather a moot point.

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  1. 1

    Never seen one of those in my life.

    As for English-to-English translation humour – in South Africa, now doesn’t necessarily mean now. Well, now means now. But “now-now” means soon(ish), and “just now” means later. Possibly quite a bit later. Conflicts between Saffer and non-Saffer spouses have been known to result…

  2. Zina #

    I’ve never been able to keep the ‘now’ thing straight. How do Saffer kids learn it? Does someone actually sit down and explain it to them? It’s a mystery.

    I think i’m out of luck with the bed frame. I am now contemplating whether some archive boxes (already owned), a sheet of plywood covered with a flat sheet, and a fabric and foam covered headboard is cheaper than a cheap bed? Hummmmm.

  3. Cat #

    I don’t think I’d ever seen box springs before I moved to the US, Zina. But I remember the nightmare of trying to find a duvet cover when I first arrived!

  4. Zina #

    Apparently there’s mattress companies in the UK now who carry “US style box spring sets” — and I know we’ve had duvet covers for ages here, as I used to sell them…but in Ohio…well…maybe in Cincinnati…? :)

    Srsly, Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the best places to look for duvet covers. Where did you finally find yours, Cat?

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