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See that little box down there at the bottom of the page? That’s my blogroll. I’ve got to stop adding blogs and websites to it. It’s coming perilously close to getting longer than the actual page.

But I keep finding these really great blogs and websites!

And that list is, let’s face it, actually how I keep track of them. Easier than adding a bookmark, you know. And since I figure not many people are actually reading this blog and won’t be for quite some time (it’s not really all that interesting yet, is it? oh dear.), it’s really more like a journal of decorating ideas for me right now.

But I still have to stop finding new ideas to have to keep track of…or maybe I don’t.

Here’s a one-trick pony, for instance. This one is from The Art of Doing Stuff, from one of those fearless types who’ll turn her hand to anything, name of Karen. She is the kind of person who dug up her entire back yard and put a pond and a gorgeous patio in, after the people she’d hired made a disaster of it. By herself. And to top it all off, she is hilarious. Go read her blog. (It’s pretty new, so there’s only posts since March of 2010.) You will learn how to hang pictures in three kinds of wall, how not to own a dog, and how shopping at a dollar store can still be class. Among other things.

Anyway, back to the one-trick pony.

Here’s her take on how to re-cover a chair in less than five minutes. Maybe even less than two minutes.

turns into  

You take a beat-up old chair you find by the side of the road. You artfully flop a fuzzy, furry lambswool or mohair throw over it.

The. End.

It’s a one trick pony because I suspect you could only do it once in your entire house, or maybe if you have a huge huge room, maybe once across a grouping of chairs. Otherwise, someone will cotton onto the fact that this is how you get out of actually putting needles, scissors, stapler, or glue gun to any fabric. But isn’t that a fabulous idea? I don’t know if I’ll use this, but I imagine I will. J won’t ever sit in it, though. It’ll give him hives.

I love finding these blogs.

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  1. 1

    Um. I want to see what that chair looks like after being actually used for a few months. I’m not convinced. (Although possibly in a household without pets, kids, or anybody who ever eats anything in the chair, or forgets to wash their hands, it’d be just fine. Alas, that is not my household. On any of those counts.)

  2. Zina #

    But that’s the cool thing, at least if you like the furry, shaggy look – you ether replace said throw once it’s unbearably tatty, or you get one you can wash!

    If I find the right chair, I may try using one of IKEA’s giant faux sheepskins…maybe in chocolate brown?

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