Mason jar lamps

I’ve absolutely no clue what Mason jars are called in the UK. (Canning jars? Preserving jars? Fruit jars? I know a man named Mason patented a design for a canning jar in 1858, but there are other designs for canning jars, even if many people call almost all canning jars “Mason jars”, much as many people call all paper tissues “Kleenex”.)

Anyway, you often see lovely little candle lanterns made out of Mason jars and scraps of wire.

These are not Mason jar lanterns, however, at the Casa Tua Hotel in Miami (featured here in an article at House & Home), and I love it, but I think you could easily get the same feel from different kinds of canning jars collected from here and there:

I especially love the contrast of homely, unmatched lanterns to the informal but crisp table settings on white linens.

So now I’m scheming various ways to get some kind of way to hang a lot of small candle lanterns onto the deck.

Big, tall branches in a pot? Hanging from the inside of a patio umbrella? Construct some kind of lattice made out of tree prunings? Hmmm…

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  1. joni driscoll #

    Hey Zina – just started perusing round your blog and thought I’d share a site that you may like for jars, jam pots, etc. The prices are good and you can find some unusual things there! Happy decorating ;o)

  2. Zina #

    You really CAN find everything on teh interwebz! :)

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