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Currently, the official bedroom of the flat is being used as a study, and the dining room is being used as the bedroom. We’ll use the bedroom as the bedroom (we think — a bit difficult to tell when I haven’t even seen the space yet), and the dining room as a sitting room.

From what I can tell from the pictures, the bedroom is long and narrow (we think the agent is referring to this room as 8’3″ x 15’7″), has a small window on the end wall rather high up in the wall, and has what appears to be white damask print wallpaper.

I’d like the bedroom to be a bit like a top-end hotel bedroom: serene, neutral color palette, uncluttered, zoned for different activities, luxurious materials, lots of textures rather than pattern, as the wallpaper may go a long way in that size room.

A changeable grey, mocha, creams, and limited amounts of dark espresso black, with a few pops of dark red to connect with the library/dining room, and a vase of an interesting leaf or two.

I love the idea of a low headboard that runs not only the width of the bed, but also behind the bedside tables.

This pic is via Riviera Interiors, by Kristine Kamenstein of Jackson Paige (whose work I really love — I like that spare, uncluttered feel, the dark woods, etc.).

I was thinking it’d be interesting to upholster the headboard in dark chocolate brown cork tiles, but it’s actually rather difficult to find the things cheaply. They seem to run about $2.50-$4.50 per square foot, these days, which is not very expensive at all, but, let’s face it, not nearly as inexpensive as a couple of panels of Homosote or hardboard, some thinnish foam padding, and some dark brown burlap (in American, or hessian in English) or whatever I can find at the market stalls. Regardless, since I can’t attach it to the wall, the tables and bed will have to keep it up against the wall.

The furnishings will have to be darker to offset the white patterned walls, and I’m thinking of going rather more contemporary with the furnishings. A platform bed (a piece of plywood cut to size, pad the edges, then cover by stapling a sheet over it all, then balance the whole thing on purchased bed legs), a cardboard wardrobe, a couple of sexy box stools, a full length mirror, charity shop chest of drawers and bedside tables to re-finish or perhaps IKEA. We’ll have to see about lights — we’ve two bedside lamps already that would just need new shades. If we can find one somewhere cheap, some kind of small armchair, so J can hide out from the rest of the household and work if necessary.

The current light fixture appears to be a bit odd — it looks quite small for such a large room, and is the sort with a weight that allows you to move it up and down — wasted in a bedroom — and I may replace it with a concoction of my own made with the crystals from an enormous chandelier in a house that was being demolished in Hawaii. I bought them on eBay ages ago and have never really done anything with them. (The woman who sold them to me actually walked past when the wreckers started in on the house, and made them wait while she dashed in and rescued the chandelier.) It’ll set off the damask wallpaper, I’d think.

It’d be fantastic to figure out something like this in miniature:

It’s a blue crystal “chandelier” at the Washington DC convention center, via The Decorating Diva. My crystals aren’t blue, being standard chandelier crystals, but the idea is wonderful, I think. I especially like the sense of movement, as if the crystals are a cloud of bees buzzing around.

Roman shades or something in the window — or right now there’s a valance (a pelmet, I think, in English) with a black and white rose pattern. I usually imagine a pelmet wider than the window with curtains hung to either side of the window to make it look larger. A lot will depend on the proportions; if it’s too high up in the wall, that won’t work very well. I could keep the pelmet as is and re-cover it, and just put sheers in the window itself, as the view isn’t very inspiring (the wall of the building next door).

I also have some knitting to do — a cashmere throw and neckroll pillows would be lovely…with cables, maybe. Colourmart, here comes me and my knitting machine. I have some cones of a lovely charcoal grey, but I think I’d rather see something warmer colored at the foot of the bed.

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