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Since I’m immigrating across an ocean and have brought as little possible with me, selling almost all my furniture to friends, giving away a lot of stuff, etc., and because J has very few belongings himself, once we find a new place to live, we’re going to be haunting markets and charity shops and soliciting giveaways from friends and family in order to furnish the place we’re hoping to rent. (I haven’t even seen it yet! J’s sent me pics from his phone, though.)

We’ve been renting a gorgeous little furnished house near the town center. It’s been lovely for us, as it’s been updated, wasn’t too large for one person while I was back in the States doing the visa/immigration paperwork, etc. Our landlady is hoping to sell the house, though, and while there haven’t been any bites so far (there’s no parking, seems to be the biggest problem), we figure it’s only going to be a matter of time before it sells.

So when a lovely, huge 2 story flat came on the market, we jumped at the chance. (It’s on the second and third floors in US terms, the first and second floors in UK terms.)

The flat we’re looking at is nearish the market square, with a rather busy market. It’s also near a nightclub, unfortunately. So it’s possible that it may be altogether too noisy. And there’s a chipper near by, so that may also be a factor, in terms of the smells. (On the bright side, it might turn out to be exciting and urban and busy, in a good way.)

However, J has done some reconnoitering, and it must be remembered that our own schedules normally run from about 9 or 10 am to 2 or 3 am anyway. Also, we’re going to rent for 6 months to see how noisy/smelly it may be. It’s handy for just about everything, so there’s a lot of positive about it, too.

The kitchen vents for the restaurant are on the other side of the building from us, with a two-story flat between us and it. Check.

The windows are all double glazed, probably for both soundproofing and for heating purposes. Check.

J talked to the owner of the club, which is newish. He can’t of course guarantee that people won’t be yelling in the streets at 2 am, but we’re hoping to put the bedroom in what is now the study, which is on the courtyard side of the flat rather than the street. The owner says that they’ve beefed up the soundproofing and have signs up asking patrons to be quiet as they exit (which won’t help a whole lot, but will at least be showing willing). Check, maybe.

We already have a fair amount of pub patrons talking quite loudly when they get out of the pub near our current house. We’re hoping it won’t be any worse than what we currently have.

So hopefully a check there too.

Now we’re in the process of going through all the reference checks and such with our rental agency. Cross your fingers for us!

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  1. Zina #

    Further along now — I think we have the flat! Now a matter of figuring out moving in dates and moving out dates and signing papers…

  2. 2

    Fingers crossed it’s urban, exciting and busy! There is every chance you will love it.

  3. Zina #

    Well, I tend to think we will. Our little town isn’t exactly urban, but where we’ll live is probably the closest thing it will have to it. :) But for the first six months while I can’t work (while on a fiancee visa) I intend to have a lot of fun with the flat! And I’m inviting everyone of my friends to come visit and stay with us. So exciting and busy it will be!

    I’m only worried about the noise from the club down the street, but hopefully it won’t be much worse than the pub we live down the street from now…

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